2016 Guangzhou Ceramic China Exhibition

2016-05-25 Janny 22

As the largest and most influential domestic exhibition in industrial ceramics field, The China International Ceramics Industrial Exhibition attracted thousands of purchasers from all over the world to take part in.


We, JD-TECH, got the great honor to be one of the exhibitors to show our products. With this great opportunity, during 4-day exhibition, we serviced lots of top manufacturers and traders around the world; they are mainly from Iran, India, Italy, Egypt, Spain, Russia and UAE.


The customers showed great enthusiasm about our products and we also received good feedback from our excellent customer service.

We really appreciate all the old and fresh new customers give us great support in this exhibition.

We hope we can have the chance and honor to cooperate with you; we will grasp the chance to utilize our professional expertise, excellent service to satisfy your requirements to make win-win.

JD-TECH, share with the world!

Next stop, looking forward to see you in Remini byTecnargilla 2016!