Kemac's Sales Activities Organized Under Sacmi

2016-04-02 hekey 16

Summary: With production already unified, Kemac's sales organization has been moved under direct Sacmi control. 

Kemac, a producer of machines for mosaic, third fire and trims, can now rely on Sacmi's organization to provide everything from estimates to after-sales assistance.

What began in 2007 as a strategic choice for the company's future, and which had led to the complete incorporation of Kemac within Sacmi as part of an industrial rationalization and unification policy, has now been completed through a strategy to strengthen the Kemac brand on the market.

“If we analyze the industry data from a medium-term viewpoint, we see that, in order to survive and grow, we need to innovate and specialize our products, understand customers’ changing needs by taking a ‘global process’ approach,” said Pietro Cassani, Sacmi’s general manager. “In this respect, a single sales strategy under Sacmi’s guidance will be essential, an effective addition to the technical-production integration with the other firms in the end-of-line field (Sima, Sacmi Automation and Nuova Fima).”