2018 Guangzhou Ceramic China Exhibition

2018-06-01 Janny 22

JD-TECH Shandong Adroit attend China Ceramics 2018(Guangzhou)


May.29-June2 2018, JD-TECH Shandong Adroit Machinery & Equipment Co., ltd attend the China Ceramics 2018(Guangzhou) with our Indian, Indonesia, Vietnam & Malaysia Sales agents. We have great progresses in market expending, product promotion, collaborators communication and image building.


In the exhibition, JD-TECH Shandong Adroit showed our advantaged products: Alumina Ball/Lining, Ceramic Roller, Ball Mill and Slip Pump. Customers obtained the first information of JD-TECH Premium Alumina ball & Slip Pump and showed large amount of interest. Sales from JD-TECH Shandong Adroit & our Sales agents introduced our products thorough, and answered questions for visitors.