Guangzhou Ceramics China Exhibition 2019

2019-05-13 Janny 49

The Ceramics China was established in 30 years ago and has greatly devoted itself to the growth and progress of the ceramic world. At Ceramics China 2019, from June.18 to June.21,2019,  it gathered 816 exhibitors from over 20 countries and regions(including China, Italy, India, Spain, Germany, France, USA, etc) and more than 95,000 worldwide visitors join the tremendous grand meeting.


During the exhibition, JD-TECH Group- Shandong Adroit and Adroit Advanced Material Co.,ltd met the old and new customers and had deep conversations based on the current situation of Ceramic Tiles Manufacturing.


Customers from Italy, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Pakistan, and Iran shows much interest to our advantaged products like Alumina Ball, Ceramic Roller and Spray Dryer Pump. Several orders were settled during the exhibition and this exhibition is definitely a fruitful harvest for JD-TECH Group.


As the leader in the supply chain of Ceramic Consumables & Machinery from China, JD-TECH has the mission to develop our products more deeply to increase the efficiency of ceramic world. We will continue to work hard in order to achieve our great dreams!